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Courses: To play2019“The university entrance exam to college+Policy interpretation”

Time: 2018Years11Month10Day


Of the teacher:Jaguar's school in the college entrance examination


Courses: 【The university entrance exam to college lectures】Teach you low grade in college

Time: 2018Years10Month6Day


Of the teacher:Jaguar's school in the college entrance examination


Courses: Strong ability to learn the practice method

Time: 2018Years9Month10Day


Of the teacher:Jaguar's school in the college entrance examination

Jaguar's college entrance examination • Teacher team
Liberation education power,Achieve percentage——100%A glimmer of teacher、100%Take a graduating class、79%Teaching experience10Years
  • Li hong

    Teaching philosophy Teacher if the students have no passion,Must not become a good teacher。But teachers for students' love is a kind of love with strict requirements。 The teaching characteristics A sense of humor,...
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  • BaoShuai collar

    Teaching philosophy Always use appreciation view of students,Always face the students with tolerant attitude。 The teaching characteristics Heuristic teaching,Pay attention to cultivate students explore problems,Pay attention to...
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  • Lu Yin hua

    Teaching philosophy Step by step,According to their aptitude。 The teaching characteristics GuLiShi teaching,The best in every child;Strict teaching style,Don't pass a knowledge loopholes;The open teaching...
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  • Good ChuJu

    Teaching philosophy Teaching is an art,The teacher is an artist,Students are works of art,Each teacher has a goal in my heart--Leonardo-Leonardo Da Vinci。 The teaching characteristics In the past...
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Jaguar's college entrance examination • Six big advantage

Choose express the college entrance examination,Help you easily into the schoolSIX REASONS FOR CHOOSING JIEDENG

2018Jie's college entrance examination in inventory

[ Lee*A dragon---693Points Was admitted to: Tsinghua university ]
[ Liu*Han---689Points Was admitted to: Beijing university ]
[ Zhu*Lin---590Points Was admitted to: Zhengzhou university ]
[ Sinus*Sunny---582Points Was admitted to: Zhengzhou university ]
[ And the king*Judas---625Points Was admitted to: Fudan university ]
[ Ding*A---675Points Was admitted to: Fudan university ]
[ Flowers*Jasmine---689Points Was admitted to: Beijing university ]
[ Yang*My arms---560Points Was admitted to: Henan university ]
[ Ge*The snow---547Points Was admitted to: Henan university ]
[ Sun*Noel---635Points Was admitted to: Central south university ]
[ Xu*Fai---629Points Was admitted to: Central south university ]
[ And the king*Blunt---658Points Was admitted to: Shanghai university of finance and economics ]
[ Zhao*Jie---642Points Was admitted to: Shanghai university of finance and economics ]
Jaguar's college entrance examination • Learning environment
Focus on henan college entrance examination16Years,Against the college entrance examination,Jaguar's college entrance examination to help you get ahead!
  • Full-time campus
  • Luoyang los dragons campus
  • Luoyang huayang campus
  • September 18th unified school district
  • The company port of campus
  • The culture road campus
  • The Manhattan campus
  • University campus road
  • The arc DE triomphe

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2019The title of composition of Chinese college entrance examination examination paper the most

2019Were held in the college entrance examination normal,The morning have take an examination of the language,Students generally reflect the test difficulty is moderate,Thesis topic is a big space to play,There are even seen before candidates said...  In more detail

The college entrance examination mathematics the most easy to make72A low level

1.The characteristics of the known objects in the set is unknown。 Elements with certainty,Disorder,Greatly reduced.moreover three properties。 2.Forget the empty set。 AContained inBWhen the collectionA,Easy to heritage...  In more detail

Master these senior English sentences,High

Advanced writing sentences can score high or even full marks for the college entrance examination English writing plays a decisive role,This advanced sentence structure, excellent English writing Fan Wenzhong common,Today...  In more detail

The college entrance examination:65A biological college entrance examination

In the college entrance examination in the biological science is relatively easy,More understanding and reciting memory contents,The nature of the kind of liberal arts,In the final sprint,Assault...  In more detail

The university entrance exam Wen Zong big problem solving skills,To help

Always write a lot of high school students Wen Zong paper closely,But the score is gloomy~In fact,The main reason is that you didn't even answer the point,Don't write...  In more detail

Select a school art examinee shall know:Double top、

We often put two first-class、C9、34The、211And small211、2011Plan、985、Small985、The Midwest comprehensive strength increase engineering in colleges and universities,But they are...  In more detail

Into the jaguar / ABOUTMORE +

Zhengzhou jie's school in the college entrance examination is founded to focus the university entrance exam optimal power education group counseling professional comprehensive cram school。

Optimal power was built in the education group2002Years,To2018The first year is optimal power education development16A year,16Years,Optimal power education adheres to“Based on the mainland、Focus on studies”The education of philosophy,“Not bound、More children”The education of the mission,Gradually developed for henan zhengzhou local first-class brand entrance education counselling organization,And the parents、The social education、The news media's recognition and praise。

Jaguar's school in the college entrance examination,Specifically for three fresh graduates and restudy,Customized personalized learning solutions,Around the clock、All subjects、Fully enclosed teaching,By a teacher of fine counselling,Help students admitted to the ideal university at an early date。

The school has the localization of the research team,Know the calendar year the university entrance exam, henan large data,Familiar with henan teaching-examination latest information。Based on the characteristics of henan local test situation,Independent research and development、Problem sets, etc,Hitting the high frequency test,Accurate test,High efficiency improvement。

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